Monday, June 15, 2009

9 years in Tokyo!

It's has been 9 years since I arrived Tokyo.
Finally I have a special featuring on a magazine called" COMMERCIAL PHOTO".
13 pages of photographs and interview. This is just like the Episode 1 of my career in Tokyo.
Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!


sugatastyle said...

Hi congrats on your career! Your works are really awfully great, looking forward to more upcoming ones! I'm from Singapore too btw :D

Zhang Jingna said...

awesomeeeee. congrats~!!

let's catch up again when i'm back in tokyo sometime~

[R] ™ said...

hi ND, I've visit you website almost every month, I think you are very inspiring :)
I always wonder how to start work in Japan as a foreigner especially~
anyway ... great job!