Sunday, March 20, 2011

We love Japan!

Dear everyone,
It has been some time since I last written on this blog.
As today we all know that Japan, currently is in a terrible crisis situation.
I was there during the earthquake happened.
Things were safe on me, but there are millions of people who are suffering out there without any thing. Empty with a painful heart.

Living in Japan for 10 years. Although I am born and raise in Singapore,
I spent the ten years living and starting my career there.
Learning my photography , language and the beautiful culture with the help, love and support from the Japanese.
Without their help I will not have the opportunity to be what I want to be right now.

Living in the same country, it is my first time in life seeing people who is in need of help so much. Tears breakdown everytime after seeing all the news and reading the papers.Heart is so painful everyday.

Things are no moving well at the moment, but I am sure that after the situation is settled, I am sure it will be.
We will see smile and laugh from everyone.

Japanese are strong, there are people who are risking their life to save the country and also the world ou there right now.

Let us please pray for them and also trust them.
They will make it!

Here are some pictures that I would like to share and to show the world that Japanese are one of the happiest people on earth.

I have photographed these people 2 years ago ranging age from 0 to 100 years old.
Please enjoy their smile and love.

We love you and thank you japan.
Gannbare Nippon!


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Michael said...

I truly agree with ND. It's coming to almost 3 months after that historical earthquake and still there are people, especially children and elderly, suffering out there. It really hurts seeing how much these people have gone through. But then again, there are those that had lost their love ones, being made homeless and yet they have come against all odds and are helping others instead. Humanity has taken another great step ahead. To be honest, with this episode, it really shows how fragile human beings are but on the other side, it also shows how strong human can be when they pick themselves up again. Japan can and will surely recover soon! Hope you and your family are doing well in Chiba.